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December 4, 2013

1. Hongkong reported its first case of deadly bird flu H7N9.
2. The Philippines is still bird flu free. Airports screen inbound travellers for fever so that early isolation can be done early.
3. Symptoms of bird flu H7N9 include fever, sore throat or cough and progressive difficulty of breathing. To date there are 141 Cases and 47 deaths worldwide. Deaths were due to severe pneumonia with multi-organ failure. So far, two-thirds of bird flu H7N9 cases were males and two- thirds were more than 50 years old.
4. At present, WHO and DOH do not recommend travel ban to Hongkong or China.
5. The Phil. still maintains ban on poultry imports from China as precautionary measure against bird flu.
6. Prevent spread of respiratory viruses by: frequent handwashing, covering your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze, wear face masks if needed, keep updated on the latest DOH news.
7. Migratory birds are known sources of bird flu H7N9 virus. Humans get infected after exposure to chickens that do not appear to be ill.