DOH Secretaries

Dr. Jose Locsin

Term: 1945 - 1946

He graduated from the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine. He became Municipal Mayor of Silay, Negros Occidental for two terms then a member of the Provincial board from 1922-1925 and Provincial Governor from 1925-1928. He became a representative from 1928-1931 and the delegate of the first district of occidental Negros to the Constitutional Convention of 1934.

Dr. Basilio Valdez

Term: 1945

He Graduated from the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine in 1916. He started his career as a military surgeon shortly after his graduation by joining French Red Cross, later the American Red Cross during World War I. After the war, he became a Red Cross Commissioner and was assigned to various countries. In 1919, he was forced to return to Manila due to illness.

Dr. Jose Fabella

Term: January 1941 - 1945

He was the first Secretary and Executive Officer of the Public Welfare Board from 1914 - 1921 and was the Public Welfare Commissioner before he became the first Secretary of Health and Public Welfare in 1941. He was regarded as the foremost exponent of maternity and child health as well as social work in the country during his time. As Public Welfare Commissioner, he started the coordination and regulations of various...