DOH Secretaries

Dr. Floro Dabu

Term: July 1963 - December 1964

He graduated from the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine in 1938. He was connected with the Department of Health in Camarines Sur shortly before the war and went into private practice after liberation. He trained in the USA on various fields like Pediatric Cardiology, Otolaryngology, and ophthalmology. He was owner and director of the Dabu Eye and Ear Clinic in Naga City before he became Secretary.

Dr. Francisco Duque

Term: December 1961 - July 1963

Dr. Francisco Quimson Duque, Jr., a resident of Aguilar, Pangasinan, was born on September 24, 1916. He graduated cum laude from the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicines in 1939 and did postgraduate studies in General Surgery at the Mayo Clinic USA in 1947. He was the owner, director and surgeon of the Dagupan City Polyclinic Hospital before he became Secretary of Health in January 1962.

Dr. Elpidio Valencia

Term: July 1958 - December 1961

He was a private practitioner in Radiology before his appointment as Secretary of Health. His wife was a daughter of former President Osmeña. He championed the cause of tribal minorities and launched “Operation Tribal Minorities” believing that “those who have more should help those who have less in life”. His project tried to bring the benefits of modern medicine to tribal groups and rural areas...

Dr. Paulino Garcia

Term: 1st Term: June 1954 - June 1958 | 2nd Term: December 1965 - August 1968

He was the only Secretary, thus far, who had two terms of office. He was Chief Radiologist of the X-ray Center of the University of Santo Tomas before his first term as Health Secretary in 1954. His term continued with the passage of the Rural Health Act of 1954 that institutionalized the RHU system, which was demonstrated so successfully during Salcedo Administration. Various projects assisted by US agencies, the WHO...

Dr. Juan Salcedo

Term: September 1950 – May 1954

Dr. Salcedo was an instructor in Physiology of the University of the Philippines from 1929-1936. After which he became a Captain in the Medical Corps of the Philippine Army until 1939. He was a professor of Biochemistry at UP and was doing a fellowship study in Nutrition and Biochemistry in the US when World War II broke out.

Dr. Antonio Villarama

Term: 1946 - 1950

He was the first Secretary of Health under the Philippine Republic. He started as an Assistant Resident Physician in Obstetrics in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in 1920. Before becoming Health Secretary, he was in politics as a Member of the 1934 Constitutional Convention and a member of the Philippine Assembly and House of Representatives from 1935-1946. While in Congress, he authored the legislation creating...