DOH Secretaries

Dr. Felipe Estrella

Term: July 1,1998 - August 23, 1998

Dr. Estrella is a Doctor of Medicine graduate from the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Medicine Batch 1955. He started his career as an Adjunct Resident of the Department of Gynecology in PGH in the same year.


Term: March 1996 – June 1998

Her 32 years of experience as a public health worker and government administrator could not have prepared her better for the difficult task of Secretary of Health during one of the most turbulent times in DOH’s history. Like Secretary R.A. Bengzon, her appointment was dealt by destiny coming unexpectedly at the wake of investigations of financial transactions, resignation and suspension of several top DOH...

Dr. Hilarion J. Ramiro

Term: July 1995 – March 1996

As former Regional Health Director for Region X, Dr. H.J. Ramiro was the Congressman of Misamis Occidental before his appointment as Secretary of Health. This appointment was his vindication, after having been removed from his Directorship during the People’s Power reorganization in 1986. Dr. Ramiro thus returned to the Department of Health with enthusiasm and hope.

Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan

Term: January 1995 - June1995

He has the rare combination of the following expertise: solid grassroots community work in far flung doctorless rural areas; national and international health planning and programming, a faculty of colleges of medicine and health sciences; clinical practice combining North American European medicine with Asian and Filipino traditional medicine; national health policy development, national health field operations...

Dr. Juan Flavier

Term: July 1992 - January 1995

Perhaps the most popular Secretary of Health was Dr. JM Flavier. Buoyant and hilarious, he was right for the mass immunization and micronutrient implementation campaign that marked his administration. With the battle cry “Let’s DOH it” he popularized the programs and projects of the Department and injected excitement in the early years of his administration. He encouraged participation of non-...

Dr. Antonio Periquet

Term: February - June 1992

He joined the Department during the People Power reorganization in 1986 as Undersecretary fro Hospital Facilities and Regulation under the Bengson’s administration. Trained in Rehabilitation Medicine, he promoted community0based rehabilitation program. As Undersecretary, he initiated strategic planning for hospital development and started networking among major hospitals in preparation for disasters.