Environmental Health


Environmental Health is concerned with preventing illness through managing the environment and by changing people's behavior to reduce exposure to biological and non-biological agents of disease and injury.  It is concerned primarily with effects of the environment to the health of the people.

Program strategies and activities are focused on environmental sanitation, environmental health impact assessment and occupational health through inter-agency collaboration.  An Inter-Agency COmmittee on Environmental Health was created by virute of E.O. 489 to facilitate and improve coordination among concerned agencies.  It provides the venue for technical collaboration, effective monitoring and communication, resource mobilization, policy review and development.  The Committee has five sectoral task forces on water, solid waste, air, toxic and chemical substances and occupational health.


Health Settings for All Filipinos


Provide leadership in ensuring health settings


Reduction of environmental and occupational related diseases, disabilities and deaths through health promotion and mitigation of hazards and risks in the environment and worksplaces.

Strategic Objectives

           1.  Development of evidence-based policies, guidelines, standards, programs and parameters for specific healthy settings.

          2.  Provision of technical assistance to implementers and other relevant partners

          3.  Strengthening inter-sectoral collaboration and broad based mass participation for the promotion and attainment of healthy settings

Key Result Areas

  • Appropriate development and regular evaluation of relevant programs, projects, policies and plans on environmental and occupational health
  • Timely provision of technical assistance to Centers for Health Development (CHDs) and other partners
  • Development of responsive/relevant legislative and research agenda on DPC
  • Timely provision of technical inputs to curriculum development and conduct of human resource development
  • Timely provision of technically sound advice to the Secretary and other stakeholders
  • Timely and adequate provision of strategic logistics


  • Inter- agency Committee on Environmental Health
  • IACEH Task Force on Water
  • IACEH Task Force on Solid Waste
  • IACEH Task Force on Toxic Chemicals
  • IACEH Task Force on Occupational Health
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Environmental Health Impact Assessment
  • Occupational Health