Sec. Carmencita Noriega-Reodica - Cleaning Up The Mess

Healthbeat 1996 No. 2.jpgHealthbeat 1996 No. 2.jpg

Call it fate, or even faith, but when Dr. Carmencita Noriega-Reodica was appointed as Secretary of Health, it was Easter Monday. The task of resurrecting the DOH from the grave of scandals was hers.

“I am ready to work and clean up the DOH,” was one of her initial statements as health secretary.

Smarting from the embarrassment caused by his (Lakas-NUCD) partymate, President Ramos appointed a career official, a non-politician and a woman in the person of Reodica.

She announced that transparency, devotion to public service, public accountability, excellence, personal integrity and moral courage are among her administration’s guiding principles.

Reodica pushed for the development of a modified procurement system and invited the participation of rank-and-file personal and almost all committees of the DOH, including representation in the expanded management committee meetings.

She also ordered the creation of a grievance committee in all DOH offices to address complaints and issues of employees at the lowest level at the earliest possible time.

No other health secretary has put immense trust in the ordinary employees than Reodica, who began her career form the rank-and-file.

On 11 September, the Commission on Appointments confirmed Reodica as Secretary of Health.