No Jailbreaks, but Outbreaks

Healthbeat 1997 No. 5.jpgHealthbeat 1997 No. 5.jpg

The growing number of inmates of the Manila City Jail (MCJ) getting sick of water and food-borne diseases prompted the DOH to open a 10-bed ward at the San Lazaro Hospital to tret and admit more ill-stricken inmates that the MCJ infirmary can no longer accommodate.

The MCJ infirmary was reportedly overflowing with inmates who were sick with typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dengue, and various skin diseases. There were 88 inmates who were reportedly infected with various diseases, 70 of whom were suspected to be suffering from typhoid fever. The inmates blamed the jail’s unsanitary conditions and poor management for the spate of the diseases.

Medical authorities, however, disclosed that the replacement of its water pipes will not gurantee that the disease is already contained as they stressed that sick inmates who have not been medically examined may still transmit the disease.