River Wild


News on hospital wasted allegedly being dumped daily into the Pasig River shocked Metro Manila residents in February.

The said news stemmed from a report if an industrial pollution specialist entitled “Cleaning Up the Pasig River: A Focused Program to Reduce the Impact of Hazardous Wastes.” The said paper noted that some hospitals and clinics in the metropolis dump as much as 4,600 kilograms of toxic waste in the Pasig River every day.

The growing number of news reports on the alleged dumping resulted to the President Ramos’ call for the DOH and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to look into the problem.

Although it was found out that 35% of the hospitals in the metropolis do not have proper waste disposal system, environmental authorities said that it is impossible to unload 4,600 kilograms of infectious hospital waste to the Pasig River a day as this would fill the entire river.

In response to the problem, the health department considered requiring all hospitals and clinics to have waste management plans as part of the requirements for the renewal of their license to operate.