Kidneys for sale

Healthbeat 1999 No. 4.jpgHealthbeat 1999 No. 4.jpg

Poverty takes its toll as a good sum of adult male residents of Tondo were enticed by a seemingly large chunk of cash offered to them by foreigners in exchange for their kidneys.

According to the news, more than 20 middle-aged males in Baseco Compound in Tondo sold their kidneys to buyer-patients, who are reportedly mostly Japanese, for an amount that ranged from P70,000 to P100,000. Like any business deal, there is also a go-between in this operation who reportedly received P15,000 per kidney. The said illegal activity resulted in a moratorium in all unrelated living donor.

Sec. Romualdez then lifted the moratorium and ordered an ethics committee in all institutions with transplant facilities to ensure that all transplantation conforms to legal and more requirements.