Hogging the media coverage on influenza A (H1N1) in the middle of the year was the leaked sex videos of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. with a number of female partners, notably actress Katrina Halili. The DOH was briefly dragged into the controversy in May when Halili asked the revocation of the license to operate of Vicki Belo’s beauty clinics for “recklessly” allowing Kho to perform liposuction on her despite the fact the lacked qualification., training and specialization as cosmetic surgeon. Halili said Kho passed the medical borad exam only in February 2007 and the liposuction surgery was done in August 2007. According to her legal counsel, thios violated the DOH Rules and Regulation Governing the Licensure and Regulation of Ambulatory Surgical Clinics, which states that surgeons should at leat have four-year medical residency before practice.

In September, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) suspended Dr. Hayden Kho fro two years for “conduct offensive to the profession. However, on November 20, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) found Kho guilty of “immorality and dishonorable and / or unethical conduct offensive to the profession” and ordered his medical license revoked. According to news reports, Kho would appeal this decision.