BAD “Locked”

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Showbiz and health news crossed paths again this year, making it on our Top 10 list. Last year it was Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr’s sex videos in our countdown, now it is the nasty rumor in August about a showbiz couple allegedly being “stuck” together and rushed to one of the country’s premiere hospitals.

It started out as a blind item and later the names of the couple and the hospital were revealed. According to experts, Shaina Magdayao suffered from vaginal captivus, an occurrence wherein the vaginal opening of a woman closes. Anonymous people claimed that John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina were having sex in latter’s house. At the climax of their tryst, Shaina’s vaginal opening apparently locked while John Lloyd’s genital was inside it. The two allegedly tried to remedy the situation but to no avail. What they did was to cover themselves with a blanket and rush to the St. Luke’s Medical Center. As the story spread, it grew. One comment alleged that his/her friend’s doctor friend at the said hospital confirmed that it indeed happened.

ABS-CBN and Star Magic, the couple’s home network and manager, refuted the rumor several times, calling it “a hoax and the work of the sick minds.”

For the health and medical field, this rumor is just sick, it also damaging to their profession because it drags the issue of patient’s confidentiality and borders on medical ethics. Those in the medical and health care know that they are not allowed to divulge information about patients’ conditions. The rumor is putting in a bad light the country’s hospitals, doctors and others in the field.