Provide an Alternative to Hospital Incinerators


An old DOH study regarding waste disposal systems in 120 private and 38 government hospitals in Metro Manila resurfaced anew. The study cited that pathological, infectious, and hazardous waste from hospitals and clinics were dumped together with household wastes posing serious threat to human health and the environment.

DOH Officials revealed that of the 158 hospitals surveyed, only 33 are disposing their waste through the city-municipal collection system. The remaining 125 use privately-owned incinerators to get rid of their waste.

With the passage of the Clean Air Act last year banning incineration, hospitals were mandated to dispose of their waste through an acceptable disposal system. Secretary Romualdez said that incineration, so far, is the best alternative to disposing waste. However, he challenged the Clean Air Act proponents to give hospitals an alternative better than incineration in order to prevent the use of incinerators.