OPLAN Iwas – Paputok for Y2K


Traditionally, the DOH’s opening salvo for the year is the news on firecracker and stray bullet victims. This year’s celebration was highlighted and made more memorable with the entry of the new millennium.

From 21 December 1999 to 4 January 2000, a total of 1,568 injuries were reported by 50 DOH and private hospitals nationwide. This figure is higher compared to the previous year’s 852 cases, which came from 32 government and private hospitals.

The increase in cases does not discredit the government’s Oplan: Iwas Paputok campaign efforts as this year’s celebration only come once in a thousand years. Hence, the increase in the number of cases can be attributed to the millennium celebration. Another factor which led to the increased number of reported cases is that there were 18 more hospitals which anticipated in the firecracker injury surveillance.

The DOH’s public service announcements on television showing severely mutilated hands and fingers still proved effective. Had not for the TV ad, there could have been more serious cases. Fortunately, no deaths occurred.