Kids Deserve a Smoke-Free World

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The children has spoken: “Kids Deserve a Smoke-Free World!”

This year’s World No Tobacco Day celebration was made different from previous observances because the nation’s future, the youth, took center stage and called for the enactment and implementation of stricter laws against smoking. They voiced out their concerns in a very appropriate venue – at the Congress. This action was dubbed as the First National Congress on Chilren and Tobacco.

The Philippine Heart Association also called on the government to strictly implement laws that would regulate the marketing, advertising and sale of tobacco. The World Health Organization, on the other hand, stressed that anti-smoking messages should focus on the youth as advertisers are targeting the young minds to try their products. The Philippine health sector also launched the “Orchids for Ashtray” movement and signature campaign against smoking at the Museo Pambata.

Abroad, a remarkable new development in the crusade against smoking happened when a multinational tobacco company, Philip Morris, Inc., was sued by a family of a lung cancer victim and lost. This sent messages of hope to anti-smoking advocates that we can win the war against smoking, err, tobacco companies!