DOH Reengineering

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News of the DOH Reengineering and Downsizing, by virtue of Executive Order (EO) No. 102, started in August 1999. Since then, Health Secretary Romualdez has been assuring the DOH staff that no one will lose his/her job.

On 31 August, the DOH released the results of matching positions vis-à-vis the names of personnel. From the original 2,937 employees at the Central Office, only 1,299 were retained. The rest was transferred to Metro Manila hospitals, regional offices, and others opted for voluntarily separation or retirement.

This started a series of demonstrations and protest actions hurled at different DOH officials. Romualdez remained steadfast and explained that the reengineering is a means of correcting an organizational abnormality to better respond to the devolved set-up.

On 23 October, Romualdez proclaimed that the new DOH officially started. The employees reported to their new places of assignment except for some 110 employees who are still contesting the legality of EO No. 102.