Curtain Call for Sarah Jane

Healthbeat 2000 No. 2.jpgHealthbeat 2000 No. 2.jpg

She saw, she came, and she conquered the health scene raising Filipino consciousness on an incurable pandemic called HIV/AIDS.

Sarah Jane Salazar, former health educator on HIV/AIDS, passed away on June 11 at the San Lazaro Hospital at the age of 25.

Throughout her short lifetime, Sarah Jane showed Filipinos how frail and vulnerable we are to the disease. Her outbursts, her colorful lifestyle and her strong will to love and be loved despite her disease caught the imagination of the public. She forced us to reexamine our preconceived notions about persons living with AIDS and to confront the suffering that torments a young person afflicted with the disease.

Sarah Jane gave HIV/AIDS a face, and she will remain one of the icons in Philippine history.