Violent Behavior, Tainted Blood


The DOH found the right home for Sarah Jane Salazar – the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) in Mandaluyong. After three weeks of confinement inside the mental institution, health authorities reported that Sarah Jane showed signs of improvement regarding her behavioral and sleeping patterns.

The 24-year old Sarah Jane was admitted at the NCMH last September 3 after doctors from the San Lazaro Hospital (SLH) transferred her because of her escalating violent behavior and refusal to comply with her treatment and medication regimen. She was prescribed with anti-psychotic medicine. According to her doctors, Sarah Jane’s manic depressive condition improved because of the controlled environment inside the institution. She also reportedly gained weight since her confinement in Cottage 5 of the NCMH that she shares with another AIDS patient who is schizophrenic.

Sarah Jane stayed at the SLH for almost four years before the DOH recommended her transfer to the state-owned mental institution.

Meanwhile, the DOH advised all commercial blood banks to strictly screen donors after a 26-year-old person with HIV confessed that he sold his blood six times over the past two years to blood retailing outlets in Metro Manila.

The operators of the Mother Seaton and the Our Lady of Fatima blood banks admitted buying the HIV-tainted type AB blood. However, they claimed that the said blood was never sold to hospitals. They reported that all the blood taken from the infected man was turned over to the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine and the Bureau of Research and Laboratories of the DOH for disposal.

To allay fears that the tainted blood was already transfused to unsuspecting donees, the DOH asked all people with type AB blood who had transfusion between October 1996 to August 1998 to undergo a thorough medical examination to make sure they have not received HIV-contaminated blood.