Health Development Program for Older Persons (Global Movement for Active Ageing (Global Embrace 1999))


The Global Movement for Active Ageing, which was conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO), will need the collaboration of many different partners from all over the world. Active ageing is the capacity of the people, as they grow older to lead productive and healthy lives in their families, societies and economies.

The Global Movement will be a network for all those interested in moving policies and practice towards Actives Ageing. It will provide models and ideas for programme and projects that promote active ageing.
The key messages of the Global Movement are:

Celebrate ageing ; getting older is good; the alternative dying prematurely is not

Active ageing is key for older persons continuing to contribute to society; all dimensions for being active should be taken into account : the physical, mental, social, and spiritual

Older persons should not be marginalized: reflecting the theme of the UN International Year of Older Persons, “towards a society for all ages”

What is the Global Embrace 1999?

The Global Embrace, which will mark simultaneously the launching of Global Movement for Active Ageing 1999 International Year for Older Persons, is exactly as the title implies, a series of walk events embracing the globe: in time zone after time zone, ageing will be celebrated in cities around the world, through these walk events. The walk will start in countries in the Pacific, where the date line marks the start of a new day.

Thus, the first walk will be in New Zealand .. followed by Australia, then Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.. Always at a set time, a group of cities, within the same time zone, will be starting their celebrations. Eventually, they will reach the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the America, until the very last locations will close the day and embrace. The Global embrace is a round the clock around the world party which every country is invited.


1. To inspire, to inform, to promote health and to provide enjoyment and good company.
2. Moreover, it will link the local project to a global community of similar concerns and people from all over the world.

Target date : October 2, 1999 (Saturday)
Target Pop. : General population
Target venue : Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City (Metro Manila) simultaneous with La Union (Luzon), Metro Cebu (Visayas), and Metro Davao (Mindanao)

As there are still negative stereotype associated with old age in many societies, a participatory event that promotes a positive image of ageing will assist in dissipating these stereotypes. This is a necessary precondition both for allowing the aged to make a contribution to the world as well as for building a harmonious global community and an intergenerational society.

A. 2 The Message
“ Kami ay para sa KSP” ( Kalusugan Sa Pagtanda or Healthy Ageing)
Ageing is a NORMAL, dynamic process and NOT a DISEASE. It is the inevitable alternative to PREMATURE DEALTH. It can prevent or delay many disabling conditions that often accompany ageing through healthy lifestyle such as proper diet,
exercise, avoidance of untoward stress, smoking and alcohol.

A. 3 The Walk Event
The World Health Organization (WHO) Ageing and Health Programme has launched initiatives that encourage healthy ageing globally. To assist in the promotion, an annual celebration on October 2 (Saturday) as designated by the United Nation and mandated by law shall recognize the “International Year of Older Persons (IYOP)”
These celebratory event will be held at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, 3 p.m. till midnight

A. 4 Target Population
Since the walk event promotes healthy ageing there is NO SPECIFIC TARGET POPULATION. Everybody (All ages) are encouraged to participate in the walk. There is NO competitive aspect to the event that people at all levels of physical
activity are encouraged to take part. The primary aim is to promote intergenerational exchanges.