Human Resource for Health Network



The Department of Health (DOH) spearheaded the creation of Human Resource for Health Network (HRHN), which is a multi-sectoral organization composed of government agencies and non-government organizations. The network seeks to address and respond to human resource for health (HRH) concerns and problems.

HRHN was formally established during the launching and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding among its member agencies and organizations held on October 25, 2006. This network was grounded on the Human Resources for Health Master Plan (HRHMP) developed by the DOH and the World Health Organization (WHO). The HRHN was conceived to implement programs and activities that require multi-sectoral coordination.

Vision: Collaborative partnerships for a better, more responsive and globally competitive HRH.


Mission:  The HRHN is a multi-sectoral organization working effectively for coordinated and collaborative action in the accomplishment of each member organization’s mandate and their common goals for HRH development to address the health service needs of the Philippines, as well as in the global setting.


Values:  Upholds the quality and quantity of HRH for the provision of quality health care in the Philippines.



The objectives of the HRHN are as follows:

1.  Facilitate implementation of programs of the HRHMP that would entail coordination and linkage of concerned agencies and organizations;

2.  Provide policy directions and develop programs that would address and respond to HRH issues and problems;

3.  Harmonize existing policies and programs among different government agencies and non-government organizations;

4.  Develop and maintain an integrated database containing pertinent information on HRH from production, distribution, utilization up to retirement and migration; and

5.  Advocate HRH development and management in the Philippines.



During its first year of implementation, the HRHN has the following priority projects and activities:

1. Review and Harmonization of HRH Related Policies;

2. Development of HRHN Website;

3. Conduct of Capability Building Activities; and

4. Conduct of the National HRH Forum.


Program Manager:

Ms. Gwyn Grace Dacurawat

Department of Health-Health Human Resource Development Bureau (DOH-HHRDB)

Contact Number: 651-78-00 local 4204/4227




HRHN Website