Information Management Service



Executive Order No. 119, entitled “Reorganizing the Ministry of Health, Its Attached Agencies and For Other Purposes” otherwise known as the Reorganization Act of the Ministry of Health, issued by President Corazon C. Aquino, last January 30, 1987.  Under the said EO, The Management Advisory Service (MAS) was created under the Office for Management Services with the primary mandate to provide staff advice and assistance on internal control and management systems improvement, including management information systems, supervise the establishment of a management accounting system, control procedures and management information systems for improved decision-making.

         Other statutes depicting the legal mandate of the office are:

  • Executive Order No. 102 “Redirecting the Functions and Operations of the Department of Health”
  • Administrative Order No. 2005-0023 “Implementing Guidelines for Fourmula One for Health as Framework for Health Reforms”
  • Administrative Order No. 2010-0036 “The Aquino Health Agenda: Achieving Universal Health Care for All Filipinos”
  • Administrative Order No. 2011-0188 “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan Execution Plan and Implementation Arrangements”. 



ICT  supporting UHC to  improve healthcare access, quality, efficiency, and patient safety & satisfaction,   to  reduce  cost  and enable policy makers providers,  individuals and communities to make the best possible health decisions.



To effectively use ICT to improve health care delivery, administration and management, and in communicating health.


General Functions

1.    Formulates plans, policies, programs and standards for management information systems and information technology development.

2.   Develops and manages the management information systems for the DOH.

3.    Develops and manages the information technology infrastructure and services for the DOH including corporate data and telecommunications services.

4.    Develops and manages the health information resources, library services and document tracking and archiving services for the DOH.

5.   Advises the Secretary of Health on matters pertaining to information management services