Health Promotions

Health Program Date Promotion Materials
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Climate Change Consciousness Week Climate Change Consciousness Week, Climate Change Conciousness Week Banner
Red Orchid Red Orchid Award, Nomination Form
Local Health Executive Advocacy Kit Revised LCE Advocacy Kit cover 12x20 inches, Revised LCE Advocacy Kit cover with flaps 22x16 inches, Revised LCE Advocacy Kit with flaps 12 x 20 inches, Revised LCE Advocacy Kit inside 12 x 20 inches
Measles Revised Measles Flyer 05 May 2010, Measles Flyer 14 March 2010, Measles Flyer 03 July 2010
Leptospirosis Leptospirosis Revised Flyer, Leptospirosis 14 March 2010, Leptospirosis Flyer 01 July
Dengue Dengue Flyer 01 July 2010, Dengue Flyer 15 March 2010, Revised Dengue Flyer 4 May 2010
Cholera Flyer Cholera 03 July 2010, Flyer Cholera inside 14 March 2010, Flyer Cholera 15 March 2010
FAQ's on AH7N9 AH7N9_1b, AH7N9_2, AH7N9_3, AH7N9_4, AH7N9_5, AH7N9_6a
National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Week Breastfeeding Banner, FP Month Banner, FP Month Poster
The Doctor is In The DOCTOR is In - Tarpaulin
HL to the Max Poster, Love Your Heart Banner
Garantisadong Pambata October 11-15, 2010 Advocacy Material 1, Advocacy Material 2, material 3, material 4, Garantisadong Pambata Bulilitin, Poster, Streamer
Safe Motherhood SM Poster - Prenatal check up, SM Poster - Facility based, SM Poster - Emergency Signs, SM Poster - Birth Plan, SM Flier Back, SM Flier Front
Garantisadong Pambata All Year Round GP NA GP for 0-5 Fan front, GP NA GP for 0-5 Fan back (9x9in), GP NA Brochure (with printer marks), GP NA Brochure, GP Launch Backdrop, GP Icons Banner (4x6.5), GP Icons Banner (2x6ft), GP Flipchart, GP Behaviors Banner (4x6.5), GP Behaviors Banner (2x6ft), GP NA Sticker (3.8x8in), GP NA What does i-GP mo mean Flier back, GP NA What does i-GP mo mean Flier front (8.5x5.5in), GP tshirt, GP placque, GP Non-ARMM Streamer What is GP (3x6ft), GP Non-ARMM Streamer What does GP Mean (3x6ft), GP Non-ARMM Streamer for 0-5 (3x6ft), GP NA What is GP Poster (18x24in), GP NA What does i-GP mo mean Sticker (3.8x8), GP NA What does i-GP mo mean Poster (18x24in)
No Tobacco Smoking Campaign August 2011 No Smoking Sticker, Yosi Kadiri Sticker, Bawal Manigarilyo Poster, No Smoking Poster (Tagalog version), Breast Cancer Poster, Kanser sa Leeg Poster, Kanser sa Bibig Poster, Yosi Kadiri Poster
Ehersisyong Pangkalusugan para sa Lahat May 15, 2011 T-shirt, Tarpaulin
Cervical Awareness Month May 2011 Streamer, Broadsheet
Measles Supplemental Immunization Campaign April 4 - May 4, 2011 Umbrella, Tarpaulin, Fan Back, Fan Front, Guide for Supervisor, Guide for Vaccination Team, ID card, Immuniztion Card, Logo, Poster, T-shirt, Sticker
Kontra Paputok Poster, Tarpaulin
National Philhealth Registration Day October 2 Leaflet 2, Leaflet 1, Poster, Leaflet 3, Leaflet 4, sticker1, sticker2, sticker3, streamer1, streamer2, streamer3, Tarpaulin
Breastfeeding Awareness Month August 1-7 Streamer, Poster, T-shirt
Family Planning poster, wallchart, Backdrop, Brochure, Streamer, flipchart
HIV/AIDS HIV / AIDS materials
Natural Family Planning Month May 2010 Streamer
Garantisadong Pambata October 2010 Flyer 1 back, Flyer 2 front, Poster 1, Streamer 1, Flyer 2 back, Flyer 2 front, Poster 2, Streamer 2
World Health Day April 7, 2010 Streamer