Product Recalls

Recall of Certain lots of CARBOCISTEINE (Loviscol) 50 mg/mL Syrup (Oral Drops) (DOH-FDA Advisory No. 2012-007)
Guidelines on Leptospirosis
Reported Recall of Dextromethorphan HBr + Guaifenesin (Robitussin DM) Syrup (DOH-FDA Advisory 2012-006)
Reported Recall of Profurex (Cefuroxime Sodium) 750 mg Sterile Powder for Inj. (IM/IV) (DOH-FDA Advisory 2012-005)
Reported Recall of Hydroxyethylrutoside (VAREMOID FORTE) 200 mg Tablet (DOH-FDA Advisory 2012-004)
Reported Recall of Valda Lemon Pastilles - FR-42925 (DOH-FDA Advisory 2012-003)
Reports of Mercury Tainted Infant Formula Manufactured by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group in China (DOH-FDA Advisory 2012-002)
BHDT - List of Toy Companies with LTO
Partial List of Locally Available Soy Sauce Products that Conform with Safety Standards Set by the DOH-FDA on 3 Monochloroprone-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-015)
Malicious Letters Circulating in the Different Establishments Purporting to Have Been Issued by the FDA and Bearing the Signature of Ms. Editha A. Calipusan (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-014)
Warning on the Use of Non-certified Therapeutic Claims for the Promotion and Advertisements of Water Purification Devices Producing Water Labeled as "Alkaline, Ionized Pi, Oxygenated or Energized Water" (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-013)
Immediate Recall of Tentatively Identified Selected Brands of Food Products Imported from Taiwan Contaminated with Di(ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-008)
Safety of 3-Nitro (Roxarsone) Veterinary Drug Feed Premix (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-010)
FDA Assures the Public that Toys and School Supplies (Crayons and Pencils) are Being Monitored in the Market (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-005)
FDA Action to Ensure Safety of Imported Products (FDA Advisory 2011-002)
Immediate Turn-over/Surrender of Poppy Seeds and Products Containing Poppy Seeds (Joint PDEA/DOH_FDA Advisory on Poppy Seeds)
Notice of Product Recall of Oral B Mouth Rinse (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-011)
Implicated Products with DEHP: Worldwide
FDA Advisory on DEHP Contamination (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-006)
Safety on the Off-Label Use of Glutathione Solution for Injection (IV) (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-004)
Voluntary Recall Order of Maggi Rich Mami Noodles Beef and Chicken Flavors (DOH-FDA Advisory 2011-003)
Fisher-Price Trike and Tough Trike Toddler Tricycles, Infant Activity Centers with Inflatable Balls, Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway (DC 2010-0298)
Nuby Gel Filled Teethers and Certain UPC Codes of Cottontails and Playschool Teethers (DC 2009-0177)
Bindeez Beads Toy Range (DC 2007-0248)
Geo Trax Locomotive Toys (DC 2007-0221)
Barbie Accessory toys Play Sets (DC 2007-0220)
Bongo Band Toys (DC 2007-0219)
Magna Battle Armor, Batman and Fight Wing Batman Play Sets (DC 2007-0176)
"Sarge" Die Cast Toy Cars (DC 2007-0175)
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