It has nothing to do with the super typhoon nor the storm surge, but Health Assistant Secretary Enrique "Eric" A. Tayag continues to make waves in traditional and social media not only because he is the DOH spokesperson for public health issues, but also because of his dance moves. Aside from news and public affairs programs on television, he also is seen in entertainment programs like "Gandang Gabi Vice" and "Toda Max." In health promotion, that's education-entertainment par excellence.

Tayag was first seen in public combining dancing and disseminating health messages in December 2011 for the DOH  anti-firecrackers campaign. Dancing, he said, is a safe merrymaking alternative to lighting up firecrackers or fireworks especially for children. That made him trending worldwide in social media sites.

Towards the end of 2012, he did it again, to the tune of then hit song Gangnam Style. In an interview with GMA News, he said: “News reached us na may ilalabas na paputok at ang pangalang ibibigay  ay Gangnam, so inunahan namin ngayon. Kasi pag nadikit na yung Gangnam sa paputok eh lalong marami nang gagamit ng paputok. Sabi namin ay iko-connect na namin itong Gangnam na ito sa sayaw at ita-target namin ang mga bata kasi mabilis sila matuto ng Gangnam. Ang idea namin pag nariinig yung Gangnam, sayaw; pag narinig yung 'Gangnam', huwag gagamit ng paputok.

In June this year, Tayag incorporated dancing to promote dengue prevention and control, and danced with the world-famous You Tube sensation dancing inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. His dancing finally found its right health program as the DOH launched its nationwide healthy lifestyle movement, "Pilipinas Go4Health," to inform and engage the youth and adults in forming healthy habits and practicing a healthy lifestyle through the promotion of 4 healthy behaviors (1. physical activity, 2. healthy diet, 3. no smoking, and 4. avoiding the harmful use of alcohol) to prevent the “fatal 4” diseases (1. cardiovascular disease, 2. cancer, 3. diabetes, and 4. chronic obstructive respiratory disease).

Tayag said the body is designed for motion. Daily physical activity is for everyone, from the very young to the very old. Physical activity requires children and adults to engage in at least 60 minutes of daily active tasks like the simple walking and doing household or school chores, and engaging in exercise, sports or dance is even healthier.