Bureau of Local Health Development (BLHD)



The Bureau provides technical advisory and support services in the achievement of the objectives of the agency.

Specifically, the major functions of the BLHD are the following:

  • Provides technical leadership in development of policies, programs and projects to support decentralization of health services at various level of health care system.
  • Undertakes programs and strategies designed to be problem based, area focused.
  • Aims to improve the health management capacities at the sub-national and local levels in order to ensureeffective delivery of quality health services.
  • Establishing intra and inter-sectoral collaboration and capacity building of health stakeholders

The Total manpower complement of the bureau is 25 personnel. Nineteen staffs (19) are doing technical work and five staffs (5) are providing admin support services. The office is headed by a Director.



Excellence in local health systems development



       Our mission is to provide technical leadership on local health systems development for equitable and quality health care through the development of policies, frameworks, standards, guidelines, models, institutional capacity and strategic alliances.



Our core values embody the following ideals: 

  • Responsiveness  to our clients’ needs.In addition to being consultative in our approach,we also aim for efficiency in fulfilling our functions and delivering our actions through streamlining of processes and procedures.
  • Relevance to national and international goals and standards. We shall adhere to national as well as world-wide policies and standards on local health systems , but at the same time adapt these to local settings, based on data and evidences, for their optimal performance.
  • Competence in delivering our mission.  To be competitive and true  leaders in local health systems development, we will continuously seek to upgrade our capability and those of our partners from the CHDs
  • Commitment to attain our goal.   Our goal of improving local health systems development for better health system performance and health outcomes is our  commitment to our beneficiaries and they deserve that this be communicated to them by way of this Charter.
  • Unity in our actions. We adopt and promote the spirit of teamwork not only within ourselves, but also with our partners, in order to achieve more and better results.



A. Framework Programs

  • Local Health Systems Development (LHSD)
  • Province-Wide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH)

B. Technical Intervention Programs 

  • Inter-Local Health Zone
  • Primary Health Care
  • LGU Scorecard
  • CHD Scorecard


C.     Process Programs

  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Consumer Participation
  • Replication of Exemplary Services

D.  Developmental Programs

  • Urban Health Systems Development (UHSD)
  • Geographically-Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA)




  We commit the following to our clients:

  •    Lead pro-actively  in the development of local health systems
  •    Be transparent and accountable in the performance of our functions and in all transactions through responsible communications
  •    Be prompt, efficient and objective in carrying out our tasks
  •    Simplify systems and procedures to guarantee efficiency and timely results
  •    Ensure updated and responsive actions  though progressive and developmental thinking
  •    Make available capable and responsible staff to cater to the needs of clients



  •   Local Government Units (LGUs)
  •   Centers for Health Development (CHDs) and Other Offices/Bureaus/Units in the DOH
  •   Other Government Agencies
  •   Non-Government Organizations(NGOs)/Private Sector
  •   Development Partners
  •   The Academe
  •   The DOH Management
  •   The general public



  •   To continuously improve systems and procedures and make them effective and responsive to local needs, we shall eagerly look forward to comments, suggestions and feedback, not only from our LGU partners but likewise from other stakeholders/partners such as the CHDs, developmental partners, NGOs, the academe, other DOH units and concerned sectors.
  •   We expect our LGU partners, who are also our beneficiaries in developing local health systems, to continuously and unselfishly share their relevant/updated information/reports, as well as their experiences and practices.
  •   From the DOH Management, we value guidance and support, as well as encouragement and trust so we could proceed further with confidence in our given tasks