Administrative Service




                We are the epitome of servant leadership and catalysts for change in the provision of administrative services  to the DOH employees.


                Our mission is to provide and make available humane, quality, facilitative administrative services to DOH employees resulting to highly motivated and satisfied employees.


General Functions

1.  Provide the DOH with effect and effective service related to general services and materials management concerns which include but not limited to housekeeping, security, maintenance of facilities, janitorial services, ground maintenance, property management, disposal of unserviceable property and technical support.

2.  Formulates and implements plans and programs related to facility, equipment and motor vehicle maintenance, custodial works and other administrative concerns and services.

3.  Maintains a working environment conductive to the productivity of the employees by making available well secured and well maintain facilities

4. Renders technical assistance to other offices and other health facilities with regards to administrative concerns specifically relating to general services, and custodial services.

5.  Coordinates / collaborates.  Maintain liaison work with other agencies regarding custodial services, general services and other administrative concerns.


Administrative Service Goals

Short to Medium Term Goals:

1. To ensure provision of a quality general administrative services which include among others facilities and grounds maintenance, warehousing of goods, supplies and materials, property management and security and transport services.

2. To ensure maintenance of an updated equipment/ facility databank that will facilitate efficient and productive output from the Department's human resource.

3. To provide a conductive work environment that will result to a highly satisfied and competent and productive work force.


Medium to Long Term Goals:

1. Full computerization of the systems under the Administrative Service.

2. Provision of upgraded facilities for communication, safe and secured and well maintained grounds and buildings, convenient, safe and available transport service, continued and uninterrupted supply of basic necessities like water, electricity, etc.



We in the AS value:

COURAGE - that comes from the security of knowing that our convictions are valid.

DISCERNMENT - that comes from "walking" close to GOD & keeping our eyes open to what "He is putting in my mind to do"

EXCELLENCE - that comes from the confidence of doing the best and giving out the best in them

INTEGRITY - that comes from a firm adherence to a code of moral values.

COMMITMENT - that comes from a profound determination of performing one's duty whole-heartedly without reservations or misgivings.

PROFESSIONALISM - comes from a genuine "calling" would to conform to technical or ethical standards of one's profession.

TEAMWORK - comes from the enthusiasm of being a member of a synergistic group.


Administrative Service SWOT


1. Teamwork

2. Positive work attitude of employees

3. Willingness to learn new knowledge and skills

4. Strong working relationship with other government agencies like DOE, DENR, LTO, MMDA, LGU's and other Meralco, Maynilad, PLDT and other partner agencies like WHO.

5. Commonality in both personal and work values of the employees/ commitment



1. Lack of strong monitoring mechanism for the performance of employees 

2. Lack of manpower

3. Lack of equipment

4. Geographical location of offices - the Office of the Director is housed at the former Director's Lounge (among the front row buildings) while the three divisions (GSD, MMD and PMT) are physically housed at Bldg. 28, 25 and 12 respectively.



1. New thrust of the DOH through the "Kalusugang Pangkalahatan"

2. Favorable support from management

3. Linkage with other government agencies for augmentation of financial resources.

4. Collaborative working relationship with other DOH offices/services.

5. Opportunities for job enrichment, job rotation and trainings both local and abroad.

6. Close linkage with other government agencies, professional organization and the academe.

7. Employees personal goals leveled off or harmonized with the goals of the organization.



1. Budgetary contraints

2. Change in leadership